Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's Next For The Purple Door?

A Few Accessories Added
Take a Step Through...

Here is our purple door further along in the process of completion. Although the door placement itself is architecturally average, the color choice plus the accessories selected create some fun!

This door is the front door to our vacation cottage rental. Available for vacationers to come and stay one mile from the gulf coast beaches in Pinellas County... the purple color choice has blossomed into using The Purple Door as an icon for The HLH Vacation Cottage. I could have selected the typical beach colors, but instead I wanted to create a color scheme descriptive of the cottage's name and theme.

Your adventure begins... 
Just through... The Purple Door!

A Marketing Theme Developing
By LaAFL! (Living an Art-Filled Life!) -
being artistic enough to choose a color I like -
inspiration of that choice has led to a uniqueness that I can use to market the cottage.

We will be expanding on the Key West vibe of this natural artistic property encouraging vacationers to feel relaxed and creative about spending their vacation here based on the Heartlocket Hollow Property!

Please note that choosing accessories that compliment the door color allow the choice to feel right and less radical. As the design is added to, accessory choices have a direction... anything purple, "Key-Westish", vacation themed and/or artistic themed will add to the overall design until it is the fun-filled vignette to remember! We have inspiration for future improvements and a statement that communicates the emotion and theme I desire to create.

This is what I call putting your heart in the art and LaAFL! Part of my heart is in the artistic choices!

Come and stay at The HLH Artistic Cottage! For more information:

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