Artsee Craftee

Lace, ribbon, wood, bamboo, scraps, beads, paint, glitter, clay, tassels, dangles....
It is all about putting pieces together to create a whole. This I enjoy and is what the HLH Pixee-fairee whims and I do. The theme is the same: "Whimsically artfully created with heart". It is hard to limit producing art to 2D results. Therefore, this page is dedicated to items created here at Heartlocket Hollow Studio that are 3D and available to purchase! Enjoy!

Sharing Lockets❤
These heart-shaped one of a kind gifts are based on the Victorian friendship ball tradition. "In the spirit of an old English tradition of giving, it is told how a special favor is passed back and forth between friends, sisters and mothers to be exchanged through the years as the occasion arises."

Wedding Sharing HL
Garden Bud Sharing HL
Lilac Spring Sharing HL

Open with Birthday Treats Inside
Open with Love Treats Inside

"Open this locket and you will see,
a token of love for you from me.
Treasure the locket, until one day,
You'd like to send some love my way.
Put inside a message, a trinket, a "kiss",
Then hang it someplace I wouldn't miss.
I'll love to find it! Then it's my turn
to fill it with love for you in return.
A Sharing Locket, for us my dear,
Exchanging some fun, sharing all year!"

Personalized Pink HL
Personalized Lavendar HL
Heartlocket Hollow Studio has adapted this tradition in the form of unique hand crafted Heart-shaped Lockets - the Pixe-fairee whims and I have named them "Sharing Lockets". Each is 4" x 4" nic dangles. To view the Sharing Lockets currently available for purchase, visit the HLH Studio Shop . To order a custom designed Sharing Locket contact the studio by telephone or email. Custom designs begin at $25.00.

Fairees & AngelFairies❤
To bring enchantment to life in 3D... one of a kind (ooak) Fairees and AngelFairies are fashioned with close attention to detail. Once named and photographed for digital & 2D purposes, these art figurines become available for adoption and will bring you magic and fun.


To view all art figurines currently available for adoption, please visit the HLH Studio Shop. New HLH characters are created regularly, if you would like to be informed as new ones become available, please list your email address on the side bar under "Follow by Email" for email announcements.