Saturday, September 1, 2012

Living an Art Filled Life! LaAFL!

Texting Lingo...  Web acronyms... Net speak... Quick Signature... Signing off... Ending a letter with sincerity and individually...

What could I use that isn't another trite standard closing like: Love, Sincerely, Lol, Respectfully yours, etc.? What would be unique yet something meaningful as my closing or text avatar expression? What would show who I am as an individual and what I hope for those I am communicating with? These are the thoughts that led to the discovery of my relatively new LaAFL! avatar signature.

What does LaAFL! (living an art-filled life) mean? What does it mean EXACTLY? Yet more than that - does anyone else care? Well... I  am setting out on a journey to discover the answers to these questions. I can travel alone, but I can learn more with others interested in discovering the many treasures to be found. Care to join in? Click "Follow by Email"  in the right column and you will receive an email each time another LaAFL! post is made. Join this month and receive a free Heartlocket Hollow Bookmark!

The desire to LaAFL! is one I have been searching for all of my life. I am passionate about art, love to create art, love to listen to and experience art. But... one has to live life. I have had to raise children, pay the bills on time, keep my world maintained and organized. One cannot always be surrounded by art unless they can earn a living creating art... or can they? Doesn't being surrounded by art mean going to the ballet or art museums? Well...

Art is so much more than what most people think. There is the art of conversation. There is art in romance. You will find art in nature or in new life. Art is a state of mind and a passion for being alive while not only seeing but enjoying those wonderful simple pleasures all around us. Bringing that consciousness into everyday - while you live life - is the goal. Accessing right brain vs left brain is the biological science behind this endeavor. Realizing that an artistic (aesthetic, creative, cultivated, cultured, decorative, dramatic, elegant, exquisite, fine, graceful, grand, harmonious, ideal, imaginative, musical, ornamental, pictorial, picturesque, pleasing, poetic, refined, rhythmical, sensitive, stimulating, stylish, sublime, tasteful) outlook on life will bring you peace, joy and a profound sense of being will be our goal. AND... that this can happen today and everyday for the rest of our lives! It is a created part of all of us human beings!

The destination will be the journey and visa-versa. The journey here at will be the purpose of my blogging presence online. Join me and we will take the journey together. We will explore artistic projects simple and complex. We will share the art in our everyday life journeys. We will live artistic phrases and accomplish artistic challenges! Your thoughts will be as much a part of the journey as my blog posts. Your comments will be valued and important as well as a learning tool for everyone who visits! We will discover the joy and fun of LaAFL! together. We will celebrate the peace and joy that living an art filled life brings! And the activity of the journey will be part of us Living an Art Filled Life!

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