Thursday, September 8, 2011

Slice of Art Bookmarks

"Just One Step At A Time" HLH Art Bookmark (back & front)
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This series of Bookmarks are taken directly from a HLH Painting. A "slice" is cropped showing  main subject matter or sometimes a section of  secondary detail.

To create a bookmark "slice", I begin by looking at a piece of my artwork. As any artist knows, there are parts of your own work that you are happy with......  and parts that you aren't! Picturing a section as a bookmark, I use Photoshop's cropping tool and crop the image to typical proportions. Then.... here comes a critical part... I walk away for several hours. When I return, I view the slice. Is it good enough? Is it cute enough? Does it portray the studio aesthetic?

Once I have decided that the "crop" is a viable design; I tweak the image in Photoshop - highlighting colors, cleaning up the foreground, softening the background. At this stage, a title comes into question. Is the original title good enough? Will a new phrase work better? In the example shown above: "Just One Step at a Time" is a new phrase. The title of the original painting is "First Steps", but... this new phrase says more than the obvious - a baby girl taking her first awkward steps. The new title words, typography design, plus the image conveys a comforting message. JUST ONE STEP AT A TIME is all you have to do.

"Flowers Smile" HLH Art Bookmark Front
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"Flowers Smile" is the title of the second bookmark design, and of the original painting. But in this bookmark, I did not use the main focal point of the original painting; I used supporting side details, which laid out beautifully.

A Fun Tassel is added

After the image has been digitally prepared as a bookmark, it is professionally printed and laminated or placed into a crystal clear sleeve for protection. Choosing matching materials for the tassel is way to fun to be work. (Actually the whole process is fun!) Once selected, the tassels are completed and viola - a slice of art is at your fingertips to accompany you as you travel through that wonderful reading material!

"Flowers Smile" HLH Art Bookmark Back
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I have so many more ideas for bookmarks! It is artwork that is useful, inexpensive and near & dear to the heart of any avid reader. If you would like to receive notice by email when new designs are created, please fill in your email address in the "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" section on the right side bar.

These bookmarks are available for sale at the Heartlocket Hollow Studio Shop for $4.99 each! The PixeeFairee Whim Bookmarks from the previous blog are 3 for $10.00 or all 11 for $30.00. There are more designs to come!

If you leave a comment below, or join "Follow by Email"... I have free Hearlocket Hollow Studio Bookmarks  for you! Send me an email (see the contact info page) with your address telling me that you left a comment or joined by email and I will see to it that a free bookmark is sent out to you by snail mail! Enchanting to have you visit! Please buzz by again soon!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Has Begun!

The Girl PixeeFairee Whims on Bookmarks
Featuring the PixeeFairees
From Heartlocket Hollow

I love stories and reading.....
Don't You?

There is just something so cozy and magical about good books. Fiction, non-fiction, long, short, picture books, chapter books, paperbacks, leather bound....
Books impart knowledge and imagination from one mind to many other minds. Through books you can go beyond your everyday world and travel to the place written about. It is about discovery and escape. Ah, yes... where would we be without books!

Dedicated to love of reading and everything stories... We have been creating bookmarks (the pixee fairee whims and I). Viewing other artist's creative bookmarks only ignites the imagination further. Oh, if only production of art went as fast as the brain imagines! Of course nothing but our best design work will do!

The Boy PixeeFairee Whims on Bookmarks

Pictured here you will find the newest tangible results of this journey down bookmark lane. The characters on this series of bookmarks are from the Heartlocket Hollow Stories. Designed to teach children good behavior traits in a whimsical way, each bookmark features one character.

We have had so much fun... is this work?

Many other designs and ideas are waiting for their place in the creation process. Check back to see the results!

These PixeeFairee Bookmarks are available for purchase! Your way to own a little piece of the Hollow and share with the children in your life the magical fun of reading and learning how to behave! Each is printed with archival ink on photo quality heavy weight matte paper. They are available in sets of 3 and all 11 at the Heartlocket Hollow Studio Shop.
To order visit the Heartlocket Hollow Studio Shop on Etsy or contact the studio by email or telephone.  To receive email updates of activity at Heartlocket Hollow... add your email address to "Follow By Email" in the sidebar. If you would like to receive a free surprise by snail mail, place a comment in the comment section and snail mail address - you will receive a free HLH Studio goodie!

Each bookmark is packaged in a crystal clear bag and shipped in a protective sleeve inside of a flat sturdy mailer. Colors may vary slightly from what you view on your computer screen due to monitor calibration. The purchase of any Heartlocket Hollow Artwork does not transfer copyright or reproduction rights, purchase is for the actual items only.