Saturday, March 3, 2012

 Introducing Merissia
MerFairee Extraordinaire

Meet Merissia....
HLH Studio's first MerFairee!
She is inspired by my daughter Tiffani.

Tiffani loves all things tropical marine. Created on the week of Tiffani's birthday,
I wanted to step out of my usual garden theme to imagine what a mermaid fairy would be like. 

Merissia resides here on studio grounds,
so she's adapting to pool diving, bird bath bathing and fountain showering rather that swimming in a stream or lake. Her hair is silver white so she shimmers while darting around from water feature to water feature like an evasive light reflection. She seems as happy swimming as she is flying about as her wings escort her wet or dry. I'll bet she sometimes ventures over to the enchanted spring, just beyond the HLH borders. I would, were I she.

Merissia's iridescent coloring acts as a built in camouflage, so she will venture bravely close to cat, human and dragonfly. She may be looking over your shoulder when you visit! I'll bet she swims with Jerry our yellow-bellied slider turtle when he gets a chance to swim in the pool. We are glad to add Merissia to our Pixee-Fairee menagerie! Look for her lovely fins and wings to be featured on Heartlocket Hollow Studio items in the months to come!

Send your ideas about what you would like to see her featured on and receive a free ACEO of Merissia! Make your comment below and we will gladly contact you for mailing address. Thanks for visiting HLH Studio!

Christie Marshall