Creativity - Imagination - Dream - Imaginativeness - Mind's Eye - Illusion - Fanciful ...
"a conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality."

These are the words I chose from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary/ thesaurus list when I searched "fantasy". They are the description of what "fantasy" means for me. As an artist it means: "The sky's the limit". I say... "cool - wow - fun - let's get creative!" 

But then again... as also a practical soul, there needs to be a goal. The purpose of an illustration is one of communicating a message, expressing an emotion or telling a story visually - thus "fantasy illustrations" The reason for these is to encourage and inspire your imagination and lighten your heart! Enjoy some of the illustrations created to date, and please visit regularly to view future fantasy images! Choose one or several to own! Commission one of your own ideas! Your own piece of the Enchanted Hollow! 

Lilac Paashintz 
Orchid Essence

Tropical Laughing Butterfly
Sharing Sharlings

Heart 2 Heart Laughing Butterfly

Kaleidoscope Laughing Butterfly

When looking through the view finder of a camera, you see beyond the everyday. You can see moments to capture composed and ready to trap! The trick is: Can you do it quickly enough, and do you see these moments flitting all around you?!?

Heartlocket Hollow is filled with these opportunities! I mostly enjoy using my 35 mm Minolta with the macro lenses or Nikon Digital in Macro mode. The fine art photographs below were captured on the HLH Studio grounds with "paashintz and much dilligentz"!


"Fairee Ballet & Sparkles"

Fairees & Flowers - Fine Art Photo Print Series

The images in this series were all captured on the Heartlocket Hollow property. The fairees are hard to photograph because they are elusive and modest. I feel lucky to have these!  To convey this quality, I have softened the images to provide the ethereal and gossamer quality that they bring to the Hollow!


Elissia & Bromeliad
Skylah & Wisteria
Aprilleah & Daisies
Nanette & Ixora
Glorie & Hibiscus
Elissia & Bromeliad 2
These illustrations and photographic prints are available for purchase as open edition prints. Each is printed with archival ink on photo quality heavy weight archival matte paper. They are not matted or framed. Available in 8x10, 11x14 or 13x19 Each can be embellished by the artist's hand with fairy dust, glitter and signature on the front, if desired.
  • 8.5 x 11   -    $15.00  standard print,     $20.00 embellished print
  • 11 x 14    -    $25.00  standard print,     $30.00 embellished print
  • 13 x 19    -    $40.00  standard print,     $45.00 embellished print
Shipping costs are $3.50 standard post. Allow 10 days to 2 weeks for delivery.

To order please go to the To Order Section on the contact info page, or visit the HLH Studio Shop. To receive email updates add your email address to "Follow By Email" in the sidebar. 

Open edition prints will be signed by the artist on the back of the print. Each print is packaged in a crystal clear bag and shipped in a protective sleeve inside of a flat sturdy mailer, or tube for larger prints. Colors may vary slightly from what you view on your computer screen due to monitor calibration. The purchase of any HLH Print does not transfer copyright or reproduction rights, purchase is for the actual print only. The HLH Studio watermark will not appear on the shipped prints.