Be Inspired

We all need it, and we all thrive with it - inspiration is that essence that causes us to strive without force. It is an inside passion, that place where we know that we have an extra source of fuel.

I seek inspiration and feel blessed to find it everywhere. A child says something cute, a cat poses unwittingly, a friend says the perfect words, an author writes something poignant, a character in a movie or story performs the heroic deed... even a TV commercial will sometimes hit that spot inside of me where I find myself melting in a puddle on the floor in a sea of inspired awe! I jot these ideas in a journal, to be translated into tangible form when the time is right.  

Photographic Inspiration
Photography is a wonderful tool for capturing inspirational images.  In some of the HLH Studio photographs I utilized digital manipulation or wording to achieve maximum effect, others are published just as they were photographed.


"We Bloom Together"
"IRB West Florida Sunset in June"
"IMAGINE in Wings"
"DREAM in Wings"

"BELIEVE in Wings"
"Wings on Pointe"



Illustrated Inspiration 
I especially enjoy drawing or painting images designed from an inspirational thought or idea. This allows creation of anything the imagination conceives with the added purpose to encourage an uplifting or “can do” emotion. Scenery, subject matter, colors, proportion and focus are all choices limited only by ideas and skill. I endeavor to convey thoughts and concepts with the purpose of inspiring you in the way that I am inspired by the idea illustrated.

"Soar" -  Let imagination give you wings!

"First Steps" - Adventure begins with the first steps!

"Prayer Works"  -  God is always here for us in prayer!

"Mary Treasured" -  Our Treasure!

"You've Got Mail!" -  Snail Mail or Email!

"Morning's Glory" - Mornings are a favorite of mine!

I hope you will visit this blogsite regularly as it is ever changing and dedicated to that wonderful commodity - INSPIRATION!

These photographs and illustrations are available for purchase as an open edition prints. All open edition prints are printed with archival ink on photo quality heavy weight archival matte paper. They are not matted or framed. Available in 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20; each can be signed on the front, then embellished by the artist's hand with fairy dust and glitter to order by request.
  • 8.5 x 11   -     $15.00  standard print,     $20.00 embellished print
  • 11 x 14    -     $20.00  standard print,     $25.00 embellished print
  • 16 x 20    -     $30.00  standard print,     $35.00 embellished print
Shipping costs are $3.95 standard post. Allow 10 days to 2 weeks for shipping.

To order visit the Heartlocket Hollow Studio Shop on Etsy or contact the studio by email or telephone. To receive email updates of new work please add your email address to "Follow By Email" in the sidebar.

Open edition prints will be signed by the artist on the back of the print. Each print is packaged in a crystal clear bag and shipped in a protective sleeve inside of a flat sturdy mailer, or tube for larger prints. Colors may vary slightly from what you view on your computer screen due to monitor calibration. The purchase of any HLH Print does not transfer copyright or reproduction rights, purchase is for the actual print only. The HLH Studio watermark will not appear on the shipped prints.