The Artist

Christie with Kirsten Paashintz 

Welcome to a fantasy art studio inspired by all things whimsical and magical! I have given this place of imagination a name...

 "Heartlocket Hollow Studio".

Heartlocket Hollow is an actual "tinee" world existing inside of an antique silver heart-shaped locket! I have written and illustrated several children's stories telling of this place that the characters, Timothy and his little sister, Amy, find inside of the magical locket discovered on Momma's vanity.  Imagination and "whimsee" live here as well as all of the pixee-fairee whims that have become my studio mascots.

Excerpt from the book:

          "Beyond everyday, where children's dreams dance...  
            Fun feelings linger, and love takes a chance...

            There's a special someplace contained in a locket,
            So tinee, so small... It fits in your pocket!

            Open it. Peek inside. Discover and follow your heart...
            To a place called Heartlocket Hollow!"

Heartlocket Hollow is a place of fun feelings, pixee-fairee whims, fantasee fairee-pets, cragcracks, laughing butterflies, smiling flowers and well... just anything imaginingly imaginative. It has also come to be the actual property where I live, which I also call Heartlocket Hollow.

As in any matter of the heart, there is good verses evil. As we all strive to create good in our own worlds, the whims and I strive to produce goodness through Heartlocket Hollow Art Studio. This goodness is that which fills the "Hollow" with dreams, imagination, fun feelings and lessons learned. This place is alive inside of all of us, although it was more real when we were children! Here fanciful moments and favorite things exist between the have-tos and the must-dos.

I have drawn since childhood. It is that gift given to me and that trait that causes others to express: "I couldn't draw a stick figure if I tried!" I am grateful for this gift and have spent a life time perfecting it through formal education (AS Degree in Graphic Arts plus 2 years in pre Architectural/ Interior Design/ Art college courses), workshops, real world experience and constant self education. Artists usually starve for various reasons that are real; so, I chose to earn a living through commercial art, graphic design, illustration and photography. I operate the commercial side of my talents through my graphic design and illustration studio - C Marshall Arts Studio. Please check out the link: where you will get a sense of the professional "Grown-Up" side of my endeavors.

Heartlocket Hollow Studio allows the "purple" side of my personality to enjoy an outlet. For some reason periwinkle, purple, hot pink, bright yellow and turquoise are not colors used extensively in an architectural rendering or an insurance advertising campaign. Didn't you want to use only the wonderful colors in the crayon box as a child?

The pixee-fairee whims and I spend treasured hours creating ideas, images and items to enchant your imagination. There are many items available to purchase here and at the HLH Studio Shop:

Come visit us often! 
Your ideas and your imagination are a very welcome commodity! 
We look forward to each and every one of your visits!

Christiane Marshall Rucker