Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LaAFL! Though Paint Color Choices

First Coat on the door - The walls will soon be pale
lilac & white trim. Then we will add the accessories to
complete the look!
The Purple Door
What color will you paint yours?

LaAFL (Living and Art-Filled Life) easily extends to paint color choices, yeah?

Who is to say that you have to paint your own home is such a fashion that it is resell-able?  If you go in and out of your own door 10 times in one day... 7 days a week... 52 weeks in one year... why would you not treat yourself  to a delightful color? Let the next owners paint the door their own color!

In the mean time:

Live Your Own Personality!!!

So we can say that LaAFL! is about expressing oneself, while at the same time discovering oneself. Being bold enough to put it on your very own front door is a coup (stroke of genius, achievement, accomplishment) that will greet you many times a day!

How do I choose the right color so that I will like it when it is finished?
How to I handle the comments from others who don't get it? 
What other accents can I add to compliment my colorful front door?

These are questions we hope to explore in upcoming HLH blog posts! In the mean time... I would love to see any front door out their that has personality. If you would love to share a picture of your front door, please post a picture of it on the Heartlocket Hollow Facebook Page. Then please a comment with your own suggestions and ideas below!

To leave a comment click on the word "comments" below. This will open a comment box where you share your thoughts and ideas! Please share this with your friends who are interested in LaAFL! by clicking the sharing links below! All new subscribers will receive a free HLH Bookmark! Send me an email to receive your free HLH Bookmark!

Join Us:


  1. I painted my front door an accent color. I look at it everyday I drive away from my house. I actually take the time to look at it. I love my front door. I guess I have the LaAFL in my blood since HLH is my mother. So this came a little easier for me. However it did take me time to decide what color would work best. I also had to tweak it out. So be patient and dont be afraid to play with it if it doesn't come out exactly how you want it to the first time. Thanks mom for passing down the LaAFL to me. Your first born. Oh ya dont forget to check out my door on the facebook page.

  2. Hi Christie, I found your site! Love all the fantasy-filled pages. It was so nice to have a chance to chat with you today. Looking forward to seeing you again at the wedding. Christie

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