Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011
Introducing Dayvee

Join us as we welcome the newest Pixee-Fairee Whim to the Hollow. This little guy brings a warm candle glow of enchantment to the Heartlocket Hollow Realm. He isn't much bigger than a candle flame yet his personality is as bright as daylight - thus we named him Dayvee. As we get to know all of Dayvee's talents, he will be joining in on the work of the studio, where he will be adding to all that we strive to bring alive.

We are all hoping that you have a wonderful holiday season and a wonderful upcoming New Year!

Live the art filled life,


  1. Well hello there Dayvee!
    Nice to meet you! I am imagining that you will soon be appearing on some of the artwork, I will be waiting!

    Janet "Sassy" Davis

  2. My daughter and I enjoyed visiting your site.
    We would love to see more crafting How To's. If you post something that a mother and her little 10 year old "fairee" can do together that would be fun to see!

    Ellie and Isabella

  3. We will be happy to post some projects suitable for a mother and daughter to create together. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Christie and the PixeeFairee Whims

  4. I am honored by your invitation. I looked briefly through your blog and found all you stated to be true to my belief. My Lord is my life's breath and the only true reality. What I found at first glance in your blog showed solid faith in our One and Only True Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord that you have created a blog around this!